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February 22, 2019

How I Started Blogging

Another LONNNNG over-due post! I would say 70-80% of the messages I get are in regards to how I started blogging and how I have built my INSTAGRAM page. Let me first…
February 18, 2019

President Day Sales

Wanted to have a one stop shop for all the DEALS today! Sharing all my favorite places to shop and any specials they are running for the holiday! ABERCROMBIE &…
February 18, 2019


LONG overdue! I have had so many request for this blog post! Skincare is not something I take lightly, I didn't want to just throw something up without being able…

About Me

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Magen! I’m a woman of many hats!

First, loving Jesus & His People! I enjoy serving as a Bible Study Fellowship Leader. I love the church! And I am so grateful we have full access to our Savior & His word.

I am a wife to a amazing man that I have had the honor to work alongside from home since 2012. We have built a business through a health and wellness company by helping others fall in love with the importance of world class supplementation.

I have four babies here and two dancing with Jesus. When you work from home you have a lot of time together. We love having a big family and all the complete chaos it brings.

I am a former group fitness instructor so I will always have a passion for fitness and helping people become their absolute best!

And then there’s fashion. When I was just a young girl I had a pair of bright red cowgirl boots. I wore them with any and everything. I lived in those boots. Since then I can remember always loving shoes! It sounds silly and materialist, I get it. But, it’s a “art” to me. I like to find a shoe and build a look around it. I’m a visionary so, to get a vision, then piece it together, and bring it to life has always filled my heart.

I hope you’ll get a lot of all the above! From the joy and hardships that come with walking with Jesus. To the strength and persistence it takes to make marriage not just work, but thrive! To all the struggles of parenting… especially four children! To all things health and wellness. And of course, fashion! I hope this will be a place that through all of that you see Jesus.

Thank you so much for the love and support!
Our family is beyond grateful!

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